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Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing isn't the easiest field, that's why our experts are here to help you. Speak to our marketing experts to receive one on one help and training in designing, creating, and running campaigns. They will also explain the provided reports and analytics to both you and your team.


Tips for Digital Marketing from our experts

There are ten main points to focus on in your marketing strategy:

  • Clarity: If people don't know what you're selling them, then they won't buy from you. Make sure your message is clear and to the point.
  • Get your message across: Even the most cogent messages will be lost if you're going to be screaming into the void. Some questions to ask are; How many people is your message reaching? Who are the people you need to be reaching? Are your marketing channels visible to those people?
  • Tell a story: Marketing often fails because it's too complicated. Often there is too much information thrown around, or it's not interesting enough to garner attention. Stories organize the information while also engaging the readers.
  • Be consistent: You don't want to be sending mixed messages and consumers not being sure what you stand for. Make sure all your platforms and accounts are sending out the same message but in the appropriate tone.
  • Listen to what people are saying: Customers have a lot to say about your product, your message, your service, what they like, and what they don't like. It's important to hear. Understanding what consumers are saying about your brand will allow you to adjust your message and products better accordingly.
  • Maintain a dialogue with the consumers: Talking with is better than talking at. Engaging with your customers creates value for both you and the customer, while just sending out messages can feel annoying and intrusive for consumers.
  • Admit your mistakes and leverage them: By apologizing to your customers, you seem human, rather than just an abstract corporation searching for profit. Then by fixing your mistake, you show your customers that you care and are willing to change.
  • Don't sell, make it easy to buy: At the end of the day selling your product or idea is the goal of a business, but if you're pushy and disruptive customers will lose trust in you and your products. Instead, make their shopping experience more accessible and less painless. So if someone sees your product and wants to buy it, they don't have to go looking.
  • Think about it from the customer's standpoint: Marketing and selling can be a disruptive and annoying experience for consumers. Campaigns that seem brilliant to you will often come off as irritating to consumers. What seems simple and straightforward to you may be confusing and frustrating for the customer. Always consider the other side of the equation, because that's the perspective that matters.
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE: Most people don't want to spend time reading and figuring things out, the more time they must spend trying to understand your product, the less likely it is they are going to get it.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The main goal of your digital marketing strategy is probably to attract more prospects, convert more leads, and close more sales. However, outlining specific goals and specific plans is the first step of any good strategy.

Make sure you're utilizing mobile strategies

Whether it be creating a mobile app or running mobile campaigns, make sure that you worked out how to reach people through their cellphones. These days everyone is on their phone and is far more likely to be more responsive to their cell than other devices, so use that information.

Are you on Social Media?

Speaking of phone use, people always checking their phones are also continuously checking their social media. Social Media is excellent for customer service and reputation management; it's an easy way to reach customers and control messaging. It's also a great way to get feedback and promote your brand.

Search Engine Optimization

Although a keyword receives the most hits, it doesn't imply it will get you the most clicks or sells. Something maybe the most searched in your field but it doesn't mean they are searching for you. Make sure you find the keywords that will get you clicks, and ask yourself, is it worth competing for a specific keyword? Will you be noticed with its usage or just eaten up by the bigger businesses with larger budgets?

Google Adwords

Pick your battles wisely, similarly to SEO, the most popular keywords will be the most expensive, and they might not do you as much good. Instead, focus on the niche, and while there is limited space to create content, you can create as many different ads as you want. So be creative.

Run Email and SMS Campaigns

Campaigns are a great way to reach out to consumers and provide them with information as well as set the tone. With emails, you have more space to inform and present new deals, but with SMS, you have higher read and response rates. It's also a fun way to get customers in on games, coupons, and challenges.

Understand your Customers

To understand your customers, you need to interact with them, or at the very least listen to what they are saying, and what the data is saying about them. It's essential to keep your customers organized with CRM and use data analysis to see how they are reacting to your strategies.

Use ad retargeting

Retargeting customers can increase conversion rates from existing visitors. The Retargeting ads serve as a reminder to your customer that you exist and that you're an option. These are especially effective for large and expensive products that may take a lot of thought and research.

The value of Content Marketing

Valuable and well-written content is always a great way of gaining leads. A benefit of creating good content through blogs, articles, and social media posts is building trust. Content that you create doesn't have to be related to your product. It can be only tangentially related but provide sound advice or other beneficial information related to the industry. If customers see you as a helpful brand and somewhere they would go to for guidance, they are more likely to buy from you.