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Analytics and Surveys

Analytics make a difference

It's simple to start your campaign with mPonics. With the automated workflow, you can plan out how the campaign will run from beginning to end anticipating all possible movements. Either create your own or use the pre-made workflow you'll be ready to move through your campaign while focusing on the analysis and information gathering instead of the legwork.

  • Get an in depth look at your apps or websites performance
  • Boost the overall performance of your business.
  • Determine which sector of your business needs improvement
  • Make monitoring your business and leads easier with graphs
Analytics and Surveys

Collect information with surveys

We can all agree on how important it is to collect information for a specific market. Luckily, mPonics can assist you in this regard as well. From customers, employees, to an entire market, the surveys of mPonics can help you gather useful insights. Once you finished gathering data, mPonics can help you determine the ongoing circumstances of your targeted market.

  • Get direct suggestions with customer feedback surveys
  • Improve your products and learn how satisfied your customers are
  • Gauge loyalty to your brand with the net promotor score survey
  • Or for more general information build a market research survey
Analytics and Surveys