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Centralized Platform

It's an easy to use Consolidated Marketing Automation platform that has everything you need for your marketing and sales in one place.

  • Import, connect and store your contacts into our advanced feature rich CRM
  • Build and run Email and SMS Campaigns with our template builder and campaign management tools.
  • Track, schedule and grow your social media outreach with our Social Automation for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Increase Sales

It's a platform built to increase your sales and help your marketing and sales teams stay on track.

  • We have a Free CRM that stores and organizes your contacts for you no matter your package plan
  • Schedule meetings, set up appointments, and get reminders in our system directly connected to our CRM
  • Use our Meeting Room to meet from anywhere in the world, just send out the link
Marketing Automation

A place for your marketing team to build their campaigns, develop your brand loyalty, increase your exposure and convert leads into sales.

  • Automatically collect leads from your website, ecommerce site, newsletter, and signup forms and re-target them with Email and SMS with our Workflow Automation tool.
  • Optimize and reach out to more social followers with by using our viral finder and hashtags in our Social Automation
Workflow Automation

Re-engage with potential or lost customers using our workflow automation tools. We want your team to spend less time building processes and more time attracting customers.

  • Use our Workflow Automation to run hands off campaigns so you can focus on more strategizing your next steps
  • Create your own, or use our system suggested template optimized by our Ai for your industry that is updated every few months.
  • Target abandoned cart users and reconnect with customers who haven't been active.
Build Relationships

Improve the relationships you have with your customers and clients using our Chatbot, Meeting Room, and Surveys.

  • Our Chatbot will let you provide 24-7 support, even without 24-7 staff, automatically generating responses as well collecting information
  • Schedule meetings, get reminders, and meet from anywhere in the world using our Meeting Room
  • Let your customers tell you what they think about your product or service by sending out Surveys

When you succeed in marketing, we succeed as a business. That's why we want to understand your business on a scientific level with our analytics.

  • Track the health of all your campaigns
  • Check in on your dashboard with information on everything that's happening, from changes in your CRM to progress in your campaigns
  • Use our Predictive Analytics to change the way you plan
  • Let our AI advise you on what should be your next actions
Cost Effective

Best of all our platform is cost efficient so your business doesn't have to make a huge investment into something they aren't sure about.

  • We even had a Free Package plan along with a Free CRM
  • Want to more send out more emails, or want to run more workflows, but the next upgrade isn't right for you? Just check out our Add-Ons
  • We can help you with your digital marketing strategy

Why mPonics? Because we want you to succeed, no matter how big or small your marketing team is, we can help you grow as a business and bring you more sales conversions.

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