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Use mPonics to intuitively manage your customer relations

You can manually move a contact through the lead lifecycle, or let the system handle it for you. Our visual-based system is easy to maneuver, drag and drop contacts to where they belong. You can even import and export your contact lists for ease of transfer. Our CRM lets you store your myriad of contacts into four sections based on their productivity - leads, prospects, opportunities, and accounts. Then, the CRM analytics powered by AI helps you leverage predictive lead sourcing to classify accounts based on their probability of conversion. So, you don't waste your valuable time and resources on dead leads anymore.

  • Manage prospects and opportunities
  • Store your lead's information
  • Send out emails
Lead to prospects

Anticipate your customers' needs

Our Ai continuously monitors your customers' statuses and automatically triggers events based on these statuses. Thus, eliminating the chances of a help-seeking customer slipping through the cracks. They will also transform a person into a prospect for you through many different methods, so you don't need to worry about doing it yourself. Enter them manually or let the system convert them through newsletters, contact requests, free trials, video content downloads, webinar registrations, and tradeshows. We offer a mechanism for users to generate scripts to be plugged in to capture leads and funnel them into the mPonics database.

  • Monitor changes on the lead's lifecycle
  • Use charts and graphs to monitor status changes and conversions
  • Keep track of your lead sources