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Meeting Room

Hold your meetings without leaving mPonics

One of the conveniences of using mPonics is the virtual meeting room for all your conference needs. In today's business culture you will inevitably be working with people remotely forcing you to find a reliable system that everyone can use to hold meetings. With the mPonics meeting room just send people the link to add them to the meeting.

  • Speak with up to eight people at once.
  • Use the chat feature to send images, files, or links
  • Accentuate points with the white board function.

Just set up a room and get started

Use this feature for both internal company meetings and external client meetings. The meeting room can be scheduled in advance with an invitation sent to anyone you want to take part. Since there is no requirement to be signed up to the system anyone can be invited to join the meeting. Lead collection and assignment is automatically done by mPonics system when someone joins so you don't miss out.

  • Our Intuitive design makes it easy to use.
  • Tailor your presentation needs in real time
  • Illustrate and share ideas without leaving the room