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Artificial Intelligence

Getting Started with the Smart CRM

Our CRM is will work with you to make your life easier. The Ai will tell you where the majority of users get their leads from so you start improving your business right away.

  • Find out where most people get their leads from
  • Understand the best source of your own leads
  • Automatically moves people from lead to prospect based on interactions with your business

Building Workflows

Get a head start building the best and most efficient workflow with our system suggested workflow. Not only will our workflows make your life easier automating tasks, but our Ai will help you get the most out of it based on your industry.

  • Automatically updates based on new data
  • Suggests the most efficient workflow for your industry
  • Automate tasks to make your work easier

Predicting the Future

What can you expect from your campaign? Based on previous your previous campaigns you can set your expectations for future campaigns.

  • Use email open prediction to see how healthy your email campaign is
  • Adjust links and buttons with the email click prediction