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Workflow Automation

At mPonics, we have revolutionized the way email and social campaigns are done. With our AI engine, we've considerably shortened the time required to analyze data and make calculated decisions. Automating your workflow replaces manual and paper-based processes with predefined business rules.


This means once you build your process, or use our premade ones, you let the system do the work. You have step by step visibility and control of the process without worrying about the busy work.

This process assists you in creating Email, SMS, and Social Media campaigns to nourish qualified leads. One of the key benefits of workflow automation is the reduction of human error, helping day-to-day jobs run a smoother course.

You can analyze the flow of your campaign. Check out the Email Analytics section to see the number of emails sent, delivered, and total bounced. In our Social Media section, you can track your followers, monitor posts, and gather impressions.

The most important benefits of workflow automation are the increases in efficiency and organization. It helps your team prioritize more important tasks and understand performance on a more professional level. With the assistance of auto-generated reminders and due date notifications, all the members of your team will know what's going on with your campaign and what they should be doing.

We have an AI engine working with the workflow, the combination of the two allows machine learning to work from the data gathered from previous campaigns. Afterward, it generates a campaign that is similar too, yet far more innovative than, previous campaigns. The involvement of AI helps reduce the time spent analyzing previous data making the entire process far more efficient.